About Educational Directions

Educational Directions specializes in customized academic enhancement programs and strategies geared toward improving student performance, boosting leadership capabilities of school faculty and staff, and positively impacting the culture and outcomes of K-12 schools.

We work with state, district, and school leaders to develop impact strategies that focus on three core change agents — teacher efficiency, student performance, and school culture.  Each track can then be aligned to specific grade levels, state standards, subject matters, and school needs — and further broken into teacher and student learning programs.

Educational Directions staff are well versed in the challenges faced by educators today.  Our coaches not only average over 35 years of service to education, but also over 15 years with our company.  This ensures that your school leaders, and students learn ground-breaking methodologies for academic performance from coaches that fully understand where your schools are, as well as where they need to be.

A Philosophy of "Student-Centered" Teaching

Educational Directions’ approach reshapes the way a school thinks about “work.” Our focus on defining and acting on “the right work” produces improved performance in every student. At professional development trainings, we focus on what the learner needs to have achieved at specific times in the school year and strategies for preparing schools to provide those experiences to learners. In the schools, our coaches help apply those strategies to the school’s specific circumstances and needs.

the Thinking

Our company, Educational Directions, was set up in 1998 to support schools in the move from the old “input” age of reform to the “output” focus required by the new requirements. Our early work with schools caused us to rethink much of what we “knew” about reforming schools. 

We learned, for example, that changing planning processes or teaching strategies doesn’t work if we fail to address the thinking patterns that shape the way schools interpret the plans.

Student-focused Plans

We at Educational Directions firmly believe that there is no single solution for every underperforming school.  There are unique challenges, students, and situations that should be taken into account before improvement plans are made.

Through our years of research and planning, we have developed a way of looking at student performance, called the 5 Legged Model. 

the Systems Needed

As we imbedded research into our work, it became obvious that a one dimensional approach of the “education model” must be abandoned.

Our 5 Legged Model enables educators to probe scores, determine cause, and then design systems, class procedures, and student assistance programs that  eliminate the real cause of poor performance. We have found that research and practice are relevant and become “best practice” only when they address student need. There is no “magic bullet.”