Educational Directions provides a number of services to schools and school districts. In each case, the services are targeted to the state accountability system demands and to the identified needs of the schools and districts. Based on our discussions and on our initial examination, we can customize a menu of services for your schools.


Sample Offerings

Below you will find a sample of some of the types of services we offer to school districts depending on specific needs and cases.  Let's work together to create a menu of services for your schools.


Turnaround Programs
Cirriculum Unpacking/Development
Academic Leadership Coaching
Facilitated Planning/Coaching
Leadership Development
Walk Through Observations
Academic Audits
Train the Trainer Models
Strategic Data Planning/Management
Custom Toolkits
Database Development
Technology Support

What Schools Must Know

As federal and state laws have focused more and more attention on "standards" and "improved performance for ALL students," schools find that current thinking about "performance data" and "research-based practice" is no longer adequate.

Schools must know the current answers to four questions:

  • What do our students know?
  • What can they do with what they know?
  • At what level can they work?
  • Is the performance consistent with the assessment used to measure their performance?

Our services are designed to help you and your staff answer these questions.


ED also provides "ACADEMIC REVIEWS" OR "AUDITS "for schools.

The ACADEMIC REVIEW is a tool that can be used to generate a quick picture and analysis of current school classroom practice. The review is conducted by a team of educators (a team captain and a set of "observers") and includes interviews (with all staff and focus groups of parents and students) and 15-30 minute classroom observations in each classroom. In some cases, a review of relevant school artifacts will be included.

Sample Sessions

Educational Directions provides training programs to groups of educators, school leaders, and administrators aimed at improving the performance of students within a given school district, county, or state.

Our program is designed to change the thinking about "practice" and then assist schools in finding relevant "best practices."
Our specialized program not only implements best-practices and procedures to ensure maximum improvement, but also includes ongoing coaching and support for our clients. We will help you find the answers to the questions above.

We offer various sessions, covering a variety of topics to maximize the effectiveness of our program:

  • How Standards Change Classrooms
  • The Rhythm of the Learner
  • Standards Based Cirriculum (SBCD)
  • Redefining Literacy
  • Designing Assessment
  • Designing Student Work
  • Analyzing Student Work
  • Writing in a Standards Driven World
  • The Thinking Cirriculum
  • Setting Up an Assessment
  • Designing the Classroom for Learners
  • Formative and Calibrating Student Work