Educational Consulting & Partnerships

School Turnaround Programs, Curriculum Audits, Educational Needs Assessments, and more

Educational Directions provides training programs and educational consulting to groups of educators, school leaders, and administrators – improving the performance of students within a given school district, county, or state. Our specialized programs not only implement best-practices and procedures to ensure maximum improvement, but also include ongoing coaching and support for our clients.

Every program that we provide is custom-tailored to the specific school and the needs of the students.  We begin every educational consulting project with a thorough needs assessment. Our experts work with your staff to determine exactly what students in your schools need to perform at their best, and then work with you to determine the most effective plan of implementation for success.

Turnaround Programs

Every school has individual needs and unique student populations.  Therefore no two turnaround program plans are the same.  We begin our educational consulting partnerships with a thorough needs assessment to determine why students aren’t performing at their optimal level.

Combined with our unique philosophy of the academic calendar, time-tested exercises, student engagement strategies, and knowledge checks, our staff is prepared to help you make your school what you know it can be. 

Academic Reviews

ED also provides “Academic Reviews” or “Audits ” for schools. The Academic Review is a tool that can be used to generate a quick picture and analysis of current school classroom practice. 

 The educational consulting is conducted by a team of educators (a team captain and a set of “observers”) and includes interviews (with all staff and focus groups of parents and students) and 15-30 minute classroom observations in each classroom. In some cases, a review of relevant school artifacts will be included.

Philosophy of Change

Educational Directions’ approach reshapes the way a school thinks about “work.” Our focus on defining and acting on “the right work” produces improved performance in each student. 

In schools, our coaches help apply proven strategies to each school’s specific circumstances and needs.  We address the root causes of poor performance by putting greater focus on student work than on test scores that lack context.