Academic Reviews

A data-rich, prescriptive data set used to assess a school’s readiness for change and identify specific priority areas where schools need change to improve.

The Review Process

During an Academic Review, a group of educators visits your school for a few days to observe and record trends.  This is mean to provide an outside, objective perspective and to see if our data and observation align with a school’s self-perception of what is, or should be, happening.  A school does not get a grade from an Academic Review.  Rather, it receives an overview of what team members observed, a breakdown of climate, culture, and teacher and student work in the classroom and ratings for specific academic indicators.

These reviews are different from classical education audits.  While an audit checks for compliance in key areas, an Academic Review looks at culture, student and teacher work, and interview data.  It then correlates them with the portion of the learner year in which the school presently finds itself.

The Review Team


The Captain conducts most of the interviews with teachers, administrators, a sample of students, and if possible parents, councelors, and support staff.


The Observers visit classes and collect data in 15-minute snapshots.  They then load this sample data into the master database for overall study.


The interviews, school documentation, classroom snapshots, and observer end-of-day reports are aggregated by the Administrator for the Captain to compile a single Captain’s report.

Our Academic Reviews are a positive tool to assess your situation, not a game of “gotcha” or pin the blame.