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through highly customized school turnaround programs, academic leadership programs, professional development services for academic leaders, curriculum development, educational needs assessments, and more though Educational Directions.

Whether boosting performance of turnaround schools, or taking your school to a blue ribbon level, Educational Directions will make a customized program to positively impact lasting student performance.

Educational Consulting

From planning and strategic goal setting, to plan implementation and follow up, our team of qualified experts is here to help you improve student performance in your schools.

Academic Reviews

Our team of K-12 specialists are ready to help your schools achieve more through targeted academic reviews, climate audits, curriculum assessments and more.

Professional Development

Highly customizable professional development, school leadership training, and individualized coaching sessions, will help your schools run like clockwork.

Ed Manager Software

We can help you find out where student work is breaking down through structured analysis, expert insights, and custom-designed analytic software.

Free Educational Tools

As a courtesy to schools, Educational Directions is sharing all of the tool kits from our latest book, Turning Around Turnaround Schools – Volume 2: Embracing the Rhythm of the Learner Year. If you do find them useful, drop us a comment, give us a like, or even follow us on social media. Interested in reading the book?  Check it out here.

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Educational Directions has developed a student-focused approach to the school year based on learner needs.
The model is call The Rhythm of the Learner Year. In this approach, instructional leaders look at students as both Learners (processing information into long term memory) and Performers (accessing that memory and using it at the level they will be assessed).