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Strategic Communications Planning

It is more effective when we judge our communication by how much is comprehended rather than how much is said (or written). Poorly communicated or incomplete messaging can be as costly as unclear or unprioritized information that lacks either context (or metadata) or a targeted “call to action.” From message chartering to tactical empathy to PROACTIVE communication, this session explores how to communicate project plans, critical updates, strategic goals or new initiatives and then provides step-bystep tools to create a strategic communication plan. It’s designed to take “what we learned” during the great sessions in this conference and begin the process of both deciding what we are going to do with what we learned and how we will communicate those priorities with our team members back in the office (or around the world).

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Educational Directions
Educational Directions specializes in customized academic improvement programs and strategies geared toward enhancing student performance, boosting leadership capabilities of school faculty and staff, and positively impacting the culture and outcomes of K-12 schools.

HOPE For Leaders
Helping Other People Excel, LLC (HOPE) is a leadership development and coaching firm. We specialize in professional development for leaders at every level of the organization.

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