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The resulting composite picture is then compared to what is considered best practice for students at a particular level, and a report is generated that identifies the congruence or lack of congruence between what is planned, what people think is happening, what the team sees, and what the artifacts indicate.

The report identifies areas that are strengths or growth areas when the data is compared to best practice. The report identifies suggested priorities and provides a menu of next steps that can help the target school develop a more intentional school improvement plan and establish priority ad hoc plans to address specific areas within the report that the school believes need attention.

An ECE audit is a specific study of one aspect of school operation (i.e., special education compliance and best practice) by a set of observers from outside the school – observers who have been trained to collect, organize, and interpret a variety of data streams, analyze the information, and make recommendations for the district and/or the specific school. ​

Test analysis beyond scoring

At this point in the year, many teachers wonder if there is anything they can do to improve student scores.  The answer is simple but takes some explaining – solve the right problem and quit wasting time solving the wrong

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Root Causes for Performance Gaps Among Students

As a public-school educator for 30 plus years, and the site leader of two elementary schools for fourteen of those years, the state school testing cycle every spring was unsettling.  We hoped our work planning instruction, executing lessons, and analyzing

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