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4906 Bardstown Road | Louisville, KY 40291 | 502.373.2700 

Suzie Hackmiller

Suzie, an independent Senior Leadership Consultant at Educational Directions, is a key figure in our educational consulting business. We specialize in customized academic improvement programs and strategies that aim to enhance student performance, grow school leadership, and positively impact the culture and outcomes of K-12 schools. Before educational consulting, Suzie served as a school principal, counselor, special education lead, and teacher in urban and rural communities. She has 31 years of educational experience in the public school sector. Suzie is a certified Trauma and Resilience School Specialist, Trainer, and Coach. She is committed to breaking through the barriers to learning and helping schools improve academic performance and reduce behavioral issues. She is passionate about ensuring that all students have equitable opportunities to learn and perform at high levels.