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Professional Development Series

Building Student Support Systems

This session will focus on identifying and categorizing “frequent flyers” that have a history of disrupting classrooms or take excessive attention from classroom staff. Participants will learn how to build data streams that alert school staff and administration as to “frequent flyers” and those students whose disruptive behaviors are escalating. It will also focus on conditions that can create “crisis” situations or interactions for individual students or groups of students and provide sample strategies for dealing with such conditions.


Participants will learn about the data collection strategies around “frequent flyers” and how identify and intervene with these students. Participants will also have the chance to have a facilitated planning session to develop intentional plans for students that require a more intensive intervention.

District Staff

  • An introduction to systemic support for all students who are at-risk
  • Set of district recommendations for school wellness plans including resources linked to specific at-risk behaviors, early identification and intervention strategies, crisis de-escalation, and resolution strategies
  • District level mentors/resources to support school leadership in developing and implementing wellness plans

School Leadership Teams

  • An introduction to systemic support for all students who are at-risk
  • Set of school leadership expectations for timely and appropriate interventions
  • A plan for grade level PLC cohorts to support individual teachers and monitor student response to intervention

School Staff

  • An introduction academic and behavioral rituals and routines that provide support for all students who are at-risk
  • A checklist of at-risk indicators and resources for addressing students who fall into risk patterns
  • A grade level plan for monitoring students identified as at-risk to monitor the students’ reaction to the intervention and the success of intervention alleviating the at-risk situation

Each session ends with a personalized action plan based on that day’s learning. Also, each session will review the user experience and query suggestions from participants via an anonymous e-mail survey. Optionally, a check-for-understanding assessment can be included.

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