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Professional Development Series

Building Intentional K-12 School Plans

This session is an introduction into student-focused strategic, logistical, and tactical planning. Participants will rate the mental health programs in their district/school and create action plans for program improvement.

Participants will also establish a cognitive base for outcome-based planning, refine school improvement planning regarding student wellness, and (when applicable) start to build a school wellness plan.


District Staff

  • An introduction to outcome-based strategic planning
  • Self-assessment of district wellness services and initiatives
  • Initial action plans for district wellness initiatives


School Leadership Teams & Staff

  • An introduction to outcome-based strategic planning at the school level
  • Self-assessment of school readiness to initiate district wellness initiatives
  • Initial action plans for taking the wellness initiative to the school level
  • A schedule for rolling out and implementing the wellness initiative

Each session ends with a personalized action plan based on that day’s learning. Also, each session will review the user experience and query suggestions from participants via an anonymous e-mail survey. Optionally, a check-for-understanding assessment can be included.

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