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Approved Purchasing Partner for these and other Texas School Districts

Our coaches average over 35 years of service to education and over 15 years of experience with Ed Directions.

As result, Ed Directions has perhaps the strongest staff of any educational company today. Our educators are passionate about education and helping schools, and the students always come first.

The size of our company and our team being made up of lifelong learners is incredibly important to the customization of data collection tools, the administration of a multi-year study, and the planning and corresponding professional development targeted directly from information gathered from the trend analysis.

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Download information about our company, offerings, and the impact that we’ve had on past partnership schools and districts.

School Improvement Specialists

Educational Directions has successfully partnered with schools across the US to improve teacher performance, enhance school climates and cultures, and boost overall student performance.

The Ed Directions Process


Assess The Situation

Through Curriculum, Academic, and/or Climate Audits, Educational Directions helps your school or district understand where student performance is breaking down, and suggests improvement strategies


Develop the Partnership

Our education specialists work directly with your school or district leadership to design customized strategies to address specific issues that your schools are experiencing, and how our partnership will proceed.


Execute the Plan

We work hard to execute the plan, and work even harder to make sure that your team is as informed as you need to be, so that the changes we make as a partnership last long after we're gone.

Popular Services

Academic Leadership

Educational Consulting

Whether its planning to use your summer in the most effective way, getting the year started on the right foot, or prepping your classes, teachers, and students for state standardized testing, we can come alongside your efforts and help boost student performance.

Academic Leadership

Reviews (Academic/Curriculum/Climate)

Not sure where the breakdown is with your schools? That's okay. We have an array of reviews, led by former principals, superintendents, and other past academic leaders who are aware of your unique challenges because they've been there. We'll help you take an objective look at your situation, and come up with strategies to enact lasting change.

Academic Leadership

Professional & Leadership Development

Our team is made up of experienced educators that are ready to help your staff develop into the leaders that you know they can be. Everyone benefits when teachers and school administrators have the training and support that they need to advance their knowledge of Education and Educational Leadership.

How We Enact Change

Educational Directions uses a time-tested, proprietary methodology called “The Rhythm of the Learner Year” that breaks the learning year down into distinct periods of advancement and calibration that allow students to boost performance.

Testimonials from Past Partnerships

The Educational Directions Impact

Within two years of beginning our work with Educational Directions our school was no longer in Turnaround status and our school grade improved 149 points. Our work with Educational Directions not only helped us improve our school grade but guided us to create sustainable change within our school and develop a school culture focused on continuous improvement and growth for our students.
Britt Gross
Principal - Lake Alfred PolyTech Academy
My partnership with Educational Directions was an extraordinary experience during one of the most challenging opportunities of my professional career ... By partnering with Educational Directions our school experienced a complete turnaround. Our student learning gains, as measured by student test results, were the second highest in our district. Thus, ending our turnaround status with the state. In addition, the school has consistently maintained this improved status.
Julie Grice
Retired Principal - Florida