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Evaluating the Opening Period of Your School Year

“Evaluating the Opening Period of Your School Year” is a comprehensive, downloadable tool designed to assist educational leaders in planning and executing a successful start to the academic year. This tool is specifically crafted for school principals, education administrators, and teacher leaders who are committed to fostering a positive and productive school environment from day one.

Key Features

  1. Sequence of Activities: Develop a well-structured sequence of activities tailored for parents, teachers, and students. These activities are designed to introduce the year’s goals and set clear expectations for student behavior and performance.


  1. Culture and Climate Promotion: Provide parents and students with a firsthand experience of the school’s intended culture and classroom climate, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere from the outset.
  2. Staff Confidence and Competence Building: Enhance the confidence and competence of your staff by equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to create student-focused lessons that are engaging and effective.
  3. Transformative Planning Process: Revolutionize the way teachers approach lesson planning, progress monitoring, and grading. This tool encourages a shift towards more dynamic and student-centered educational practices.


  • Parent Engagement: Foster meaningful interactions between parents and the school, creating a collaborative environment that supports student success.
  • Teacher Preparedness: Ensure that teachers are well-prepared and confident in delivering high-quality education from the very beginning of the school year.
  • Student Success: Set students up for success by clearly communicating expectations and providing a supportive learning environment.
  • Continuous Improvement: Implement a continuous improvement process that helps educators refine their practices throughout the academic year.

Target Audience

  • School Principals: Lead your school to new heights by ensuring a smooth and effective start to the academic year.
  • Education Administrators: Support multiple schools in achieving their goals by providing them with a robust framework for the opening period.
  • Teacher Leaders: Empower your colleagues with the skills and strategies they need to succeed in the classroom.


“Evaluating the Opening Period of Your School Year” is an essential tool for any educational leader focused on creating a strong foundation for the academic year. By implementing the strategies and activities outlined in this tool, you will be well-equipped to promote a positive school culture, enhance teacher effectiveness, and drive student success.

Download your copy today and take the first step toward a transformative school year!


The free tools provided on this site are pulled, in part, from our recent book Turning Around Turnaround Schools, Volume 2 – Embracing the Rhythm of the Learner Year. If you have questions about how to use any of these tools, please feel free to contact us, or check out the book, available on

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