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Professional Development Series

Building Optimum Cultures and Climates

This session develops the idea of intentionally developing an optimum culture and climate for learners. Participants will learn about the process of building intentional wellness cultures and climates for schools and classrooms. The participants will evaluate past implementations of student wellness in schools/classrooms and how they positively affected staff and student outcomes, as well as give participants some ideas of things they can integrate into their own classrooms immediately to boost student wellness.


Participants will build a working list of “optimum” culture and climate characteristics. They will learn about The Rhythm of the Learner Year and how this methodology creates rituals and routines that support student wellness.

District Staff

• Establish a menu of “best practice” characteristics for “success for all” schools
• Review each school’s climate and culture from a central office perspective
• A preliminary set of district guidelines for developing optimum cultures and climates

School Leadership Teams

• Establish a menu of “best practice” characteristics for school cultures and climates
• Review the school’s climate and culture and identify potential issue areas
• Create an action plan for building an optimum school climate and culture

School Staff

• Establish a menu of “best practice” characteristics for an optimum classroom culture/climate
• A self-assessment of each individual teacher’s culture/climate
• A personal action plan for establishing an optimum culture/climate in the first three weeks of school

Each session ends with a personalized action plan based on that day’s learning. Also, each session will review the user experience and query suggestions from participants via an anonymous e-mail survey. Optionally, a check-for-understanding assessment can be included.

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