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Teacher Work Analysis

If students are not ready for the Formative Period, there will not be a Formative Period. The Formative Period is about building each student’s potential as a learner. This means the teacher needs to:

  • Identify the rituals and routines that all students need to be successful learners.
  • Identify those factors that might prevent students from becoming more proficient learners and build an experience set that addresses those priority needs.

If teachers cannot do either the identification or experience building, leadership needs to provide immediate ad hoc professional development and ongoing support for the teachers, for the students, and those teachers’ classrooms.

The key to a successful formative experience for all students is the development of a rhythm of student work that enables all students to attend, acquire, organize, and create meaning for all critical learnings and tasks. The work in the Opening Period to prepare all students to attend and acquire effectively makes it possible to begin the development of the effective student work set at the start of the Formative Period — organizing, creating meaning, and assessment experience.

– excerpt from Turning Around Turnaround Schools, Volume 2 – Embracing the Rhythm of the Learner Year

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