The Formative Period Self Assessment

The Formative Period runs from about the third week of school to winter break. In addition to content delivery/learning, the Formative Period emphasizes the development of efficient learning skills and behaviors in every student. Around the first of October, school leaders need to assess classroom status in terms of student progress towards learning proficiency. Ed Directions coaches use self-assessment tools like the one included below to identify areas of concern that might prove to be barriers to students or groups of students reaching their potential as learners. 
Student NeedClassroom implementationPriority
Classrooms offer a Safe, welcoming environment  
Academic leaders and teachers have individual action plans for maximizing learning  
All students have been involved in Enculturation activities – introducing the school culture and climate  
All students have mastered Optimum behavior rituals and routines and classroom disruptions have been a minimalized  
All students have mastered the Academic rituals and routines necessary for them to be successful learners  
All students have mastered the learner working skills necessary for success  
All students who have been identified at risk of support plans in place and their progress is monitored on a regular basis  
All classrooms honor differences in learning styles and performance preferences  
Unit and lesson plans that are outcome focused and differentiated for learning and performance differences  
In all classrooms intentional learning work is monitored and shaping feedback is provided in a timely fashion  
Revision to proficiency is a component of learning work in every classroom  
All students are regularly engaged in Shaping work that moves their performance from where it was to proficiency  
All students (especially at risk students) have Access to an adult advocate  
Immediate support for all students who are not ready to be successful  
All classroom students regularly monitor self to identify areas of success  
Teacher/student experiences to build collaborative teaching/learning teams  
This chart should have a rating scale – e.g. 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 – strongly agree Coaches use this tool in a variety of ways. It can be used to assess the priorities and implementation school improvement plan, or can be used as an end of September check on the school classroom learning environment. It can be facilitated by an external agent or by school leadership teams. The priorities should be ranked 1 through 5. 1 being the top priority to initiate reevaluation of the school plan and the development of specific ad hoc plans.

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