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School Leadership Readiness – Are We Ready for Students?


“School Leadership Readiness – Are We Ready For Students?” is a comprehensive, downloadable tool designed to help educators prepare effectively for the new school year. It offers a structured approach to ensure that classrooms, resources, and plans are in optimal condition to support student success from day one.

Key Features

1. Housekeeping Essentials

  • Classroom Readiness: Ensure that all physical spaces are organized and conducive to learning.
  • Technology Check: Verify that all technological tools are functional and accessible.
  • Instructional Materials: Confirm that all teaching resources are available and in good order.

2. Student Data Preparation

  • Class Rosters: Complete and verify class lists.
  • Student Profiles: Gather data on students’ “at-risk” factors, strengths, weaknesses, and performance metrics.
  • Priority Needs Identification: Use collected data to identify and plan for students’ priority needs right from day one.

3. Planning Opening Units

  • Formative Assessments: Design units to generate baseline data on student performance in both learning and performing skills.
  • Behavior Management: Establish rituals and routines to support positive behavior management.
  • Academic Routines: Implement academic rituals and routines to foster student success.
  • Teacher and Student Work Plans: Plan teacher tasks, student activities, monitoring protocols, and data collection strategies.

4. Comprehensive Planning

  • Proficiency Planning: Identify the types of work needed to help students become proficient learners.
  • Student Readiness Assessment: Determine student readiness for the start of the school year and plan accordingly.

Target Audience

This tool is designed specifically for:

  • School Principals: To guide and oversee the preparation process, ensuring all elements are in place for a successful school year.
  • Education Administrators: To support and facilitate the necessary preparations across different departments and teams.
  • Teacher Leaders: To lead their peers in planning and executing readiness tasks, ensuring a cohesive and collaborative approach.


“School Leadership Readiness – Are We Ready For Students?” equips educational leaders with the necessary tools to ensure their schools are fully prepared to welcome students. By addressing critical housekeeping tasks, preparing comprehensive student data, and planning effective opening units, this tool helps create an environment where both teachers and students can thrive from the very first day.

Download “School Leadership Readiness – Are We Ready For Students?” now and take the first step towards a successful and well-prepared school year.


The free tools provided on this site are pulled, in part, from our recent book Turning Around Turnaround Schools, Volume 2 – Embracing the Rhythm of the Learner Year. If you have questions about how to use any of these tools, please feel free to contact us, or check out the book, available on

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