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ESSER II Funding

ESSER II Funding Aligned -

Technical Assistance Provider

Educational Directions has an array of custom-designed services to help your school close achievement gaps, promote student participation, train and develop teachers and school leadership, and provide innovative methods for overall school improvement.

Helping schools overcome the educational challenges presented by COVID-19

Through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding, Congress has provided much needed support to allow schools to tackle educational challenges head on. 

Educational Directions is ready to partner with your school district to provide professional development, curriculum/climate audits, leadership coaching, and more to help combat past and future learning loss as a direct result of COVID-19.  Our highly-customized services are designed to meet your specific needs, and are never a one-size-fits-all  offering.

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Learning Loss


ESSER II Aligned Services

Ed Directions fully-customizes services to support educators, and meet your unique challenges. Our programs help schools meet the social/emotional needs of students, and aim to face the challenges created by Covid-19 by:

We offer an number of programs and services that will improve student outcomes and provide school leaders and administration innovative ways to meet the needs of students following the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Providing quality school improvement and professional development services for over 20 years.

We have provided training and ongoing coaching/mentoring support for state departments of education, regional consortia, school districts, and individual schools in several states. We have also provided “pipeline training” and mentoring for staff in support of the grooming process for future academic leaders.

The key to erasing “perception gaps” and “performance gaps” is the development of school and classroom cultures and climates that honor and enable all students.

This requires an ongoing monitoring of data streams above and beyond scores and requires academic leaders and teachers to identify and remediate/eliminate attitudes, practices, and perceptions that are barriers to a “success for all” culture. This approach has enabled Ed Directions to lead the radical change of school culture in schools where the culture was judged to be toxic for any students who were at-risk for any reason

Fostering Safe, Positive, Healthy, Culturally Competent, and Inclusive Learning Environments

In working with various districts and schools, Ed Directions has developed several proprietary systems that support student responsive schools. These systems enable us to:

  • Collect data in order to identify students at-risk, identify the point of break down in the student’s work, establish the cause of the break down, and then develop a “targeted” intervention program.
  • Perform culture audits/reviews that can be used to do pre- and post-intervention evaluations of district or school cultures and climates to assess the impact of a program or intervention.
  • Design and manage observation checklists and data collection tools to observe the implementation of culture improvement plans and note the impact on students in classroom interactions.
  • Create artifact checklists to follow the development and implementation of plans, policies, and programs at the district and school levels, and assess the focus of the artifacts collected as a part of the implementation process.
  • Develop plans for “ad hoc” professional development that can be used to deal with individuals, a small group of teachers, or whole staff that are struggling with engaging “at-risk” students.

Ready to chat about how we can help your school or district improve student performance?  We would love the opportunity to discuss how Educational Directions can partner with you to help enact the change you hope to see in your schools.